India’s Air Quality- A matter of Concern

Oxygen is vital for human beings to survive but what if the air we breathe is full of impurities?

India has seen dangerously high level of pollution with a few cities like Delhi going into the Orange category which means “very poor” air quality. The reasons for pollution are human beings themselves. A through look states that almost all households own a car and bike with some owing more vehicles than they actually require. India’s population is constantly growing and so is the pollution which is a grave concern.

While nations across the world are opting for green measures, India seems to learn little from it. Ours is a government which is quick in announcing rules but lazy in implementing it or even if it’s implemented strictly, the administration often fails to follow it in the longer run. The World Health Organization reveals that 11 out of 12 most polluted cities in its list are in India. But wait! Delhi is not the only city suffering; the year 2018 saw other cities facing similar situations but went unnoticed.

The most polluted city in the year 2016 was Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh but improved in its particulate matter levels in 2018, as did other Indian cities in the WHO list including Delhi. The minute dust particles can easily penetrate human lungs and cause chronic respiratory diseases which ultimately lead to lung cancer and other cardiovascular diseases. Outdoor air pollution has become the fifth largest killer in India, says a new set of findings of the Global Burden of Disease report. About 6,20,000 premature deaths occur in India due to air pollution diseases each year.

Some of the harmful things being used by human beings are Air cons, crackers, setting fields on fire, usage of pesticides, insecticides for agricultural activities, destruction of forests, landfills which is known to generate methane and likewise. if India needs to protect future generation, strict norms will have to be enforced by the government. People should have fear of government for the right reasons and corruption should be completely eradicated. Hefty fines should be imposed for those flouting norms.