Ministry of Defence is being shielded by ADMK – Rahul Gandhi

The 2019 Parliament Election is imminent. Normally this will be a time when parties will take the center stage to address the issues the country has faced in the recent past. No matter who is ruling, the opposition will claim it was a terrible rule while the ruling party will try to vindicate themselves. This is a game we have seen politicians play in almost every country.

ADMK raised the Mekedatu and Gaja relief issue in the Parliament in the past two sessions and that ended in a ruckus.  Today, Congress President Rahul Gandhi spoke about Rafale Jets in the session. At that time members of ADMK wanted to address another issue and this resulted in an uproar which led to the speaker suspending the session till 5 p.m.

Rahul said that BJP is getting tremendous support from ADMK than it gets from its allies and the Minister of Defence is hiding beneath ADMK. He demanded that the PM should answer him regarding Rafale deal.