AIMS Organized an Industry Institute Interface

AIMS (Association of Indian Management Schools) in collaboration with Yangpoo Executive Education and Harvard Business Publishing organized a stimulating Industry-Institute Interface event called “High Tea” held in Coimbatore on Wednesday. The event aimed to foster greater participation in the teaching and learning environment by incorporating interactive case studies into the curriculum.

Samir Karkhanis, CEO of Yangpoo Executive Education welcomed the participants in his opening address. Ramaswamy Nandagopal, President of AIMS, delivered a keynote speech on the latest trends in higher education. Dviwesh Mehta, Director of South Asia & Middle East Higher Education at Harvard Business Publishing, highlighted recent updates from the Harvard Business Publishing ecosystem and the supportive initiatives offered to educational institutions. Srinivasan R Iyengar, Director of Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, addressed the significance of participant-centric teaching and learning.

Nandagopal underscored the transformative impact of information technology (IT) and artificial intelligence (AI) on the education sector in India. He emphasized the importance of connectivity and networking as essential skills for students to acquire during their time on campus. “Students come to college not just for campus experience but also for the academic learning. Therefore, we aim to create a platform that offers a holistic and enriching learning experience,” he added.

The event witnessed fruitful discussions and exchanges between leading academics and industry professionals, with a focus on integrating Indian case studies into the teaching curriculum. By bridging the gap between academia and industry, the aim was to prepare students for real-world challenges and enhance their practical knowledge.

The collaboration between AIMS, Yangpoo Executive Education, and Harvard Business Publishing showcased a shared commitment to nurturing a dynamic and industry-relevant learning environment for students.