Auto Drivers receive books on Thiruvalluvar

May 10th, Coimbatore: Wednesday morning began on a different note for Anthony who makes a living by ferrying passengers in his auto. The resident of Sivananda Colony was caught unaware of the surprise awaiting him when social worker VS Suresh Kumar gave him books on Tamil sage poet Thiruvalluvar.

Explaining his new thought Suresh Kumar said, “People often talk ill about an auto driver’s behavior and their violation of traffic rules. We as common man just brood over these. This made me feel that these auto drivers need some education while ensuring that they use their time wisely”.

Around 15 auto drivers at Sivananda Colony received books on Thiruvalluvar. Notebooks and stationery were also provided. “I told them to pen down their thoughts every day. They observe several things and I wanted them to express themselves. It will help them educate others as well,” said Suresh.

Expressing immense satisfaction an auto driver said, “We will read these books and share the knowledge with our families”. Unfortunately we missed out on education but we want to ensure our children don’t meet a similar fate. Praising Suresh for this concern towards society Anthony said, “Many of us couldn’t get educated due to financial constraints and this initiative proves education has no age limit and time.”

The drivers were educated on traffic rules and how its violation could prove fatal. “I will continue this initiative in all the auto stands across the city in the coming days,” added Suresh, who is also a member of the Rotary Club of Coimbatore Green City.

Source: TOI