Advanced Cardio-Neuro ambulance donated to benefit Kotagiri people

Microland Foundation, the CSR arm of Microland, a global digital transformation company has donated a state of the art cardio-neuro ambulance to the Kotagiri Medical Fellowship Hospital (KMF).

The hospital is located in the hilly Nilgiris District. The ambulance will serve 41 villages within a 10 km radius of Kotagiri. This remote region, with a population of 33,570, belongs to the tribal communities like the Badaga, Kotas, Todas, etc.

The region’s basic health infrastructure has been severely stretched by the COVID-19 pandemic. Microland understood the KMF Hospital’s need for a compact ambulance in order to deliver timely treatment in this tough terrain. Its intervention will mitigate the problem, providing timely and critical care to the largely underprivileged population of the region.

The ambulance will serve the dual purpose of delivering timely care as well as transporting patients to hospitals in Coimbatore for specialized treatment not available at KMF Hospital. The goal is to maximize the usage of the ambulance.

Microland Foundation has established a presence in the Nilgiris District with several environment and health-focused initiatives and invites partnership from academia, corporate funders, government agencies, and individuals to develop a beneficial long-term collaboration to solve the prevailing challenges with sustainability as a focus. It is committed to uplifting the state of healthcare in the Nilgiris and surrounding areas.