Rathinam College Secures Intercollegiate Zone Level Championship

Rathinam College of Arts & Science Football Team clinched a remarkable victory in the intercollegiate Zone level championship against VLB College under Bharathiar University. The finals unfolded in an intense battle, culminating in Rathinam’s triumph with a 10-9 scoreline. This win was the result of a stellar journey through the competition, marked by dominant performances in the 1st round, quarterfinals, and semifinals against GAC Valparai, Sri Krishna CAS, and SNGC, respectively. Rathinam College’s football prowess was on full display, with a total of 24 goals across these matches.

The championship glory not only made Rathinam College proud but also elevated the standard of sporting excellence in the region. The team’s exceptional teamwork, precision, and determination were key factors in securing this victo