Augmented Learning at Kumaraguru Institutions

Post Covid 19, the digital transformation in Higher Education across the globe has been significantly accelerated with the potential of the academic community and choices for the learning community soaring to new heights. Kumaraguru Institutions, realizing the need for a technological breakthrough has built “Kumaraguru Online Education” – KOED, an in-house online learning platform to meet the expectations of the current and aspiring students and to ensure a long-term institutional viability. KOED was launched on Thursday (20 August 2020) through live streaming on YouTube.

Kumaraguru Institutions has partnered with Microsoft to create collaborative classrooms where students and faculty members can seamlessly work together in MS Teams and share resources.

The new student ERP platform, Kumaraguru’s Integrated Technology for Education (KITE), shall bring students, faculty, parents and other stakeholders into a single forum integrating all the modules and functionalities leading to enhanced learning and better connect.

Kumaraguru Online Education (KOED) is the blended learning platform conceptualized by a team of senior members and academic leaders, with their foresight, experience and expertise to enhance the learnability of the students through world-class technological intervention.

The Task Force behind KOED is Project Germinate. With faculty members and student leaders across various domains and institutions brainstorming together, have integrated the elements of KITE & MS Teams and built a unique online learning system.

The live online launch of KOED began with the Guest Talk by Sujith Kumar, Founder, Maatram Foundation and HR Professional, Infosys Ltd, who spoke on “Reinventing Yourself in the Wake of New Normal”. This was followed by the address by Dr. J.Srinivasan, Principal, KCT and the official launch of KOED.

Ensuing the launch, Shankar Vanavarayar, President, Kumaraguru Institutions spoke on the impact of New Normal on Education and the imperative need for world-class technological intervention in the field of Higher Education as the geographical boundaries are fast disappearing in the virtual world.

Dr. Saravanan, Dean – Academic Affairs, faculty members Dr. Geetha Karthik and Prof. Siva Kumar emphasized on the need to rethink the system in tandem with our changing world. The lead of the Task Force-Project Germinate, Dr. Vinohar Raphael Stephen released the academic schedule for the upcoming online blended learning semester.

Following this, the members of various teams of Project Germinate elaborated on their collaborative efforts leading to build a distinctive system that accommodates technology-based student-centric learning and assessments; active and experiential learning strategies and plan of action to ensure the physical and mental wellness of the learners. The online launch program was moderated by student leaders  Monisha Thangam and Aditya Kabra.