Rathinam Health & Hygiene Club inaugurated

The faculty of Bioscience (Biotechnology & Microbiology) inaugurated the “Rathinam Health & Hygiene Club” on13.8.19

Dr. R. Muralidharan, Principal, Rathinam CAS presided the session and delivered the Presidential Address. He spoke about the importance of balanced food and health. He implored the participants of the Health and Hygiene club to get involved in club activities and disseminate the knowledge to their friends and society in order to maintain a hygienic and healthy environment. Dr. S. R. Madhan Shankar, Dean, Academics & Research, Rathinam CAS introduced the chief guest and insisted on the need of the hour for health and hygiene among youngsters. 

The event was inaugurated by the Chief Guest Prof. Dr. S. Byravarathinam, Consultant Senior Dermatologist, Coimbatore who insisted on the importance of health and hygiene among youngsters in every aspect of life. He suggested that moving on to a traditional way would be a better prospect in maintaining the personal health status. 

He also emphasized that a mere counsel (what he called as ‘Talk-o-Therapy’) in a humane way would cure the toughest illness. The chief guest, continued about various dermatological issues prevailing in the society and the current therapies available to control the same. More than 150 students of the college were benefitted by this program

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