Sugar Production in TN hits bottom, SISMA appeals to PM.

Members of South India Sugar Mills Association (SISMA) led by the association’s president, Palani G. Periyasamy met with the PM on Thursday to convey the various issues their industry faces. The members elucidated the PM that sugar production in the state has come down to 20% since 2014. Meanwhile sugarcane cultivation also has been affected because of poor rainfall. With just 20% yield in sugarcane the industry operates at a loss and their debt to banks have been on the rise. Under such circumstances, sugar mill owners find it very hard to repay. The mill owners made it clear that they have zero intention to ask for a loan waiver. They made it clear that they only seek some more time to repay. Members of SISMA who met with the PM said the meeting concluded positively, and they hope this could give them respite. Last month, the chairman of various sugar industries in Tamil Nadu visited the CM to convey this pressing issue.