DP World Unveils Kits in Chennai

Global logistics leader DP World extended its Beyond Boundaries initiative to Chennai, providing high-quality cricket kits to local clubs. Unveiling a bespoke container at Chennai Boys Higher Secondary School, Ravi Shastri and DP World’s CEO Rizwan Soomar marked a significant step in the initiative. With 750 kits already delivered, DP World commits to over 2,000 kits for the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023. The container stationed at Gen-Next Cricket Institute, Loyola College Ground, will benefit Gen-Next Cricket Academy, Supers Kings Academy, and Government Schools in Chennai. DP World plans to deliver 10 kits for every 100 runs during the World Cup, reaching grassroots clubs worldwide through fifty strategically placed containers. Each container, besides cricket gear, provides shade and an in-built scoreboard for cricket communities.