SNMV CAS Organizes Colour Belt Awarding Ceremony

SNMV College of Arts and Science, in collaboration with Samurai Karate Club- a unit of Sai Kai Do India, celebrated a Colour Belt Awarding Ceremony on November 6, 2023. Over 280 students participated and were promoted to the next level, receiving next-level colour belts.

The event showcased talents in karate, silambam, and yoga. Subramani, the principal, emphasized the importance of martial arts in students’ overall development. The ceremony, organized by the Samurai Karate Club, featured speeches from Director Sensai. Arunachalam, President Sensai.Muruganandam, and Vice Presidents Sensai.Selva Kumar and Sensai.Vellingiri.

Sabariraja, Head of the Department of English, stressed the roles of parents and children in learning martial arts.

Narmatha, Asst.Professor, Kalinga Raj, Senthil Kumar, Sakthivel, Ganesh Kumar and  Nandhakumar -Trainers of the club coordinated the event.