Kohli more versatile than Sachin

Jeff Thomson is a widely known cricketer because of the fact that Australian gave batsmen a real nightmare. The man himself was present in India for the Ekamra Sports Literary Festival, where he gave a definitive answer to the never ending debate on who between Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli is a better batsman.

“I think Virat Kohli is probably more versatile. I think he is tougher. I mean Sachin was very good too but Kohli is just tougher, he can do what and when he wants to,” the tearaway paceman said during an exclusive conversation with Hindustan Times.

Thomson was also very clear about who he rates the best fast bowler in modern times. In his book, South Africa’s Dale Steyn stands taller than the record breaking Englishman James Anderson, who recently overtook Glenn McGrath to become the highest Test wicket-taker.

“Most of James Anderson’s wickets have come at home. He doesn’t have wickets to show in South Africa and Australia. Jimmy is a good bloke but he prefers seam bowling while Dale Steyn can get wickets anywhere,” Thomson opined.

Source: HT