Summer Holic’23 Carnival by ASBM Crews  

Adithya School of Business Management (ASBM) MBA students recently organized the Summer Holic’23 Carnival and Food Fest at Prozone Mall in Coimbatore. The students were assigned various portfolios including event campaigning, food court management, and Summer Holic event registration management, etc., to coordinate and manage different aspects of the event.

Under the guidance of Bringston, the Marketing Director of Prozone Mall, the event was successfully organized and conducted. The students gained valuable hands-on experience in management and marketing through their participation in the Summer Holic Carnival 2023. Sundarapandiyan Natarajan, Professor and Director of ASBM, provided guidance to the students on market segmentation, targeting, positioning, and customer relationship management practices during the event. Assistant Professors Lakshmikanth and Krishnaveni coordinated the event.

In addition to managing the event, the students also showcased their cultural talents and engaged the customers throughout the Summer Holic Carnival. They were appreciated with a trophy in recognition of their contributions.