KPRIET-NSS and ALERT-NGO Partners to Empower Students

KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology’s National Service Scheme (KPRIET-NSS) and ALERT-NGO Coimbatore recently joined forces to organize a highly successful “Basic First-Aid Training Workshop”. The collaborative initiative aimed to prioritize safety and well-being while equipping students and faculty with essential life-saving skills.

Partnering with ALERT-NGO Coimbatore, renowned for its expertise in first-aid training, KPRIET-NSS ensured that participants received comprehensive instruction on various critical topics. The workshop covered Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), management of choking incidents, wound care, fracture stabilization, and other essential first-aid procedures. Expert trainers provided valuable guidance, creating a supportive environment for hands-on learning.

The Basic First-Aid Training Workshop exemplified KPRIET-NSS and ALERT-NGO Coimbatore’s dedication to creating a safer and more prepared environment within the institution. This collaborative effort serves as an inspiration for other educational institutions, emphasizing the significance of proactive safety measures and fostering a culture of preparedness.