ASBM Management Fest – Viztaa ’23

Adtihya School of Business Management, Coimbatore organized Viztaa ’23 the ASBM Management Fest on Thursday. There were events like Team Building, Business Quiz, Business Simulation, Caterpillar Race, Buz Puzzles, etc., to showcase the managerial skill and acumen of the MBA students.

Er. Sukumaran, Chairman presided over the event. Sundarapandiyan Natarajan, Director and Lakshmikanth, Assistant professor of ASBM, and Kulandaiswamy, Secretary ACAS addressed the event. The Chief Guest Rtn. Fredricks John, MBA, PhD, Director, EVP & Site Head at Personiv, Alumnus of Harvard Business School shared Chinese philosopher Confucius quote, “if your plan is for one year, plant rice; if your plan is for ten years, plant trees; if your plan is for one hundred years, educate children.” He said the institution has chosen the third option of the quote by Confucius and bringing world-class business education to Coimbatore. Janani, Selvalakshmi, Ganapathy, Dinrag and Shahid Shah presented management reports.