Amway India launched #SheLeads campaign

Amway India, FMCG direct-selling company, embraced equity with International Women’s Day celebrations across the country. Aligned with the global theme of #EmbraceEquity, the company organized a series of events to celebrate ‘womanhood’.

Cheema, SVP – North and South, Amway India said, “There are over 12 million micro, small, and medium enterprise (MSME) units run by women entrepreneurs, their success resonates with this year’s International Women’s Day theme of ‘DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality’.

South/North Amway India launched the #SheLeads campaign aimed at empowering women with a range of events focused on improving their skills and knowledge. Spanned over three days and the campaign included sessions on beauty, nutrition, and digital success. Successful women entrepreneurs shared their inspiring stories on how they leveraged digital platforms with the necessary tools and skills to thrive in the modern business world. In addition, the event also celebrated the success and felicitated those women who have broken barriers and become an inspiration to all. More than 20 women participated in this campaign.

The event was also streamed virtually for Amway employees across India epitomizing Women’s Power and Women empowerment, energizing everyone to pursue their passions. Over the years, Amway India has been investing in upskilling women through multiple online and offline training and workshops aligned with its core philosophy.