‘TRANQ’ – a Zombie drug use on the rise among American Youth

“Tranq Dope” is a mixture of fentanyl, the opioid that decimated America’s youth, and a veterinary drug called Xylazine. It is sold on the street for just a few dollars a bag. Xylazine is a tranquilliser used on cows and horses. But dealers use it, which is not controlled by the federal government and is cheap, it is up to 50 times stronger than heroin (a drug made from morphine).

The dangerous ‘TRANQ’, which is added to drugs and turns users in Philadelphia into virtual zombies, has also found its way to New York and other states. Health authorities have also discovered ‘TRANQ’ in California. Its spread could be catastrophic anywhere.

Apart from the state of semi-consciousness the drug induces, it literally rots people’s skin. A scaly crust of dead tissue called Eschar forms on raw wounds and, left untreated, can lead to amputations. It is significant that 2,668 people died from xylazine overdoses in New York in 2021, and experts believe that xylazine may be exacerbating the ongoing drug epidemic.