Siruthuli invites nature home through Maadi Vanam

Another step of Siruthuli towards A Clean & Green Kovai Maadi Vanam, Inviting Nature home. ‘Maadi Vanam’ or Terrace Forest is a concept relatively new to many. It primarily translates to growing and fostering a man-made forest on rooftops and to create our oxygen generators on our rooftops. It not only expands the lung space but also reduces pollution caused by emissions and helps increase the moisture content.

Vanitha Mohan, Managing Trustee of Siruthuli, inaugurated the Maadi Vanam at Kovai Vizha in the presence of Apex Members of Siruthuli and staff.

A prototype of ‘Maadi Vanam’ has been established on the terrace of Siruthuli’s Noyyal Life Centre. This Vanam comprises 70 trees, which include bamboo, medicinal trees, fruit-bearing and flowering trees. Siruthuli uses only natural and chemical-free methods to nurture the trees.

Siruthuli has set up a stall at Kovai Vizha to propagate and encourage everyone to set up a “Maadi Vanam” on their rooftop and understand the concept and know-how in setting up this Vanam. Siruthuli seeks the participation and support of all Coimbatorians to work towards a Green Kovai.