Coimbatore students reinforce religious harmony

It is an earnest endeavour to take 105 students from 26 schools in Coimbatore to various places of worship in and around Coimbatore city to educate and inculcate the value to understand and respect all religions, which in turn shall lead to the realization that such diverse religious beliefs and practices contribute to unity and harmony.

The journey began at Konniamman Temple, proceeding to St.Michael’s Cathedral, Athar Jamad Masjid near Town Hall, then to Jain Temple in R.S.Puram and Gurudwara Singh Sabha.

Throughout their journey to these holy places, the students were welcomed according to each of the religious customs, and the spiritual leaders of the respective faiths shared the principles they follow and their way of worship.

The journey culminated in an inter-faith prayer meeting at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial, Podanur, a solemn abode to venerate unity in diversity.

Chief Guests Dr.G.S.Sameeran, District Collector, Coimbatore and M.Prathap, Commissioner, Coimbatore Corporation, took part in the event along with the other special invitees.