CREDAI Coimbatore welcomes twin construction G.O.

CREDAI Coimbatore had represented to the Government of Tamil Nadu regarding the difficulty faced by a vast section of the public and property developers who had been taking up construction of residential buildings but could not complete the construction during the past two years due to the COVID Pandemic. The approval for construction accorded by the local bodies had lapsed in several cases during this period.

The Tamil Nadu Government in its recent G.O. (MS) No. 260 dt. 16.12.2022 from Housing and Urban Development [UD4(1)] Department has stated that construction approval accorded during the period from 01.04.2014 to 31.03.2022 is extended for a further period of 2 years due to the loss in construction period caused by COVID.

The Government had earlier in October 2020 by G.O. No. 154 dt. 13.10.2020 delegated powers to local bodies to grant permission for residential buildings with a total built-up area of 10,000 sqft. and have up to 8 dwelling units with heights up to stilt + 3 floors. CREDAI Coimbatore had represented to the Government to clarify that the area for approval be considered as an FSI area and not a built-up area.

Considering the representation, the Govt. has issued G.O. (MS) No. 265 dt. 21.12.2022 from Housing and Urban Development [UD4(3)] Department which states that the area to be considered for approval would be the total FSI area and not the total built-up area.

Gugan Ilango, President, CREDAI Coimbatore, in a statement said “CREDAI Coimbatore welcomes these two decisions of the Tamil Nadu Govt. which would be extremely helpful to the common man and to the construction industry”.