Holy Guide – Five Finger Prayer

When we fold our hands and bow our heads to pray, we are often praying for ourselves and asking God for something.

A sage says that when we clap our hands and pray, his thumb is closest. You can start by praying for someone close to you. When the people closest to us are relaxed, peaceful and happy, we are already in a happy place.

The second finger is the index finger and is used for pointing. Let us pray for those who teach, teach and heal, our teachers and doctors. They too need wisdom and strength to steer us all in the right direction.

Then comes the largest finger. It reminds us of our leader. Pray for heads of state, presidents, prime ministers, business and industry leaders, and government officials. They shape our future and influence public opinion.

The fourth finger is the ring finger and is considered the weakest. It reminds us to pray for the weak, the difficult, and the afflicted. And finally comes the little finger.

The little finger reminds us of our place in the larger plan of God and others. pray for yourself We all pray for ourselves at some point. More importantly, pray for others, for the whole world.