Iakoka N. Subramaniam conveys his New Year wishes

Winding up 2022 with a flashback of its endeavours, Iakoka N. Subramaniam sends his new year wishes to his beloved peers, family and to people of this city.

“First time in decades, New Year sans all colours, Leaving behind virtual facades, Global populace gape clueless.
Pandemic was created and spread, Greed of a tyrant ballooned and burst, Thousands were cremated, dead, His own country is marooned worst.
Death merchants weaponised puny nations Power and money the devious motto, World woke up expressing cautions, Humanity being punished in toto.
Pray the Almighty to destroy the evil, History repeats umpteenth times, Noble triumphs and fail the devil, New Year awaits pleasant surprise.”