18 children reported dead after consumption of Indian-made syrup

Uzbek Health Ministry on Tuesday reported that atleast 18 children dead in Uzbekistan after consuming an Indian-manufactured cough syrup. 


According to official reports, the children consumed the Doc-1 Max syrup while suffering from acute respiratory disease. Marion Biotech, a Noida-based pharmaceutical company, manufactured these syrups, later imported to Uzbekistan by Quramax Medical. 

Medical examinations revealed that a batch of this syrup contained ethylene glycol, a toxic substance.


In addition, the report stated that the syrup was provided to the children without a medical prescription either by pharmacists or the parents, with a dose exceeding the standard dose for children. 


It was uncertain whether all or any of the children consumed the suspected batch or had taken above the standard dose or both. 


Marion Biotech, Quramax Medical and India’s Health Ministry did not immediately respond to a Reuters request seeking comment. An Indian government source told Reuters the Health Ministry was looking into the matter.


The Gambia reported a similar incident, where the deaths of at least 70 children were blamed on cough and cold syrups made by New Delhi-based Maiden Pharmaceuticals. Meanwhile, both the Indian government and the company have denied that the medicine was a miscue. 


Considering these issues, India inspected a few drug factories across the country to ensure that high-quality standards are heeded.