Coimbatore girl bags Gold at National Equestrian Championship

13- year old Hansikaa Srinivasan from Equine Dreams showcased a brilliant performance and made Tamil Nadu proud by securing a gold medal (Team) at the Junior National Equestrian Championship (UNEC-2022) in Bhopal.

Hansikaa who currently studies Grade 8 at Coimbatore developed a love towards horse riding when she was 9 years old at Equine Dreams – a riding school located in Coimbatore.

Hansikaa travels 6 kilometres every day for her training at 5 am. She has been growing fond of horses. After riding a variety of horses in her growing years, Hansikaa has acquired the ability to understand each horse’s temperament and learn from it.

After taking part in every JNEC for the last three years, Hansikan clinched her first gold medal (team) in 2022. Her unyielding attitude and rigorous training made her a powerful competitor at this year’s JNEC.

She credited her victory to Sakti Balaji, her chief trainer. Hansikaa said, “He mentored me and helped me to become a better rider. It was easy to click with his guidance and training right away”.