A must-visit to the luscious ‘Coimbatore Food Street’

Coimbatore attracts people for its climate and its demographic feasibility. The modification of the city’s lakes under the Smart City Scheme is an advantage to the aesthetics of Coimbatore.

The Ukkadam Lake, becoming a hub for visitors during the evenings and a leisure zone, cuisines across the street are certainly to be noticed, especially the Coimbatore food street.

People familiarizing the area are fond of the foods with an intoxicating aroma. Entering Eswaran Kovil Street adjacent to the Ukkadam Bus Stand is a treat to every passer-by. Holding strong popularity for the appetizing biriyani varieties for three decades, it still allures visitors with its taste and divergent eatables.

The Coimbatore food street, perfectly located here carries the legacy of the city’s taste. From large restaurants to food carts, shops operate here to serve food lovers their best choice.

A few main dishes include chicken biryani, egg biryani, fried rice, noodles, chicken grills, beef dishes and paratha rolls. Considering not to have heavy intake, they have Salad, Milkshakes, Kulukki Sarbat, Kulfi and many more flavoursome dishes available at the most affordable price.

The vendors on the street mentioned that the place gets swamped with customers during the evenings, especially during the weekends when most families visit for a family dinner or a family hang-out.


Source report- edited by Anushka Juliet