ICCI propose to propel Airport expansion process

Coimbatore International Airport expansion and infrastructural improvisation is a long-awaited talk for almost a decade. B Sriramulu, President of The Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI), Coimbatore, recently visited the Ministry of Civil Aviation and discussed with the representatives to expedite the process.

In this regard, while addressing the press on the key highlights of their meeting, B Sriramulu stated that the central government is very much aware of the traffic potential of this city and is inclined to its improvisation. The hardships in domestic aviation and other infrastructural limitations are under notice and to be met as soon as possible.

He added that the centre sanctioned Rs.2000 crores for the new terminal construction, thereby increasing the runway area to meet the departure toils. Reportedly the new structural extension will accommodate 15 million passengers a year.

Commenting on the land acquisition process, he stated that the District collector reportedly mentioned that about 90% of it was complete and the remaining had title issues, which were under finalizing state. He thanked the state Chief Minister for his assistance in acquiring the lands for this process.

He said, “This Airport expansion is presumed to bring more international connectivity and thereby increase the trade progress in Coimbatore. People’s expectation regarding this has been tremendous and it is our responsibility to represent the city to fulfil its needs since this has been pending for years. Through the runway expansion and new terminal, long-distance planes and new destination aviation are expected to connect soon.”

The government has provided an estimate of 2 months as the documentation process is almost over but with policy issues yet to be rectified the construction progress is on hold. B Sriramulu added that the Ministry of Civil Aviation provided them with the project plan during their visit, which exhibits their interest in investing in the expansion of the airport. He mentioned that they are soon to initiate a talk with the state government regarding the same.


Reported by Anushka Juliet