Coimbatore tightens security retrospecting 1997 riots

Retrospecting the 1997 Coimbatore riots, the City police have tightened security across the city, especially in high public zones.

An on-duty constable of the Ukkadam Police station, Selvaraj was killed by three strangers in 1997 who allegedly had violated the traffic rules.

Reportedly three were fined by the constable for their violation which later turned out in a vengeful act of killing. The murder later diverted to communal protest. The following day witnessed a riot wherein the police firing killed 19 people. The 1998 bomb blasts in Coimbatore worsened the existing chaos in the city.

The two consecutive days remark the death of the constable and the lost lives in the riot. December 6th marks the demolition of the Babri Masjid, intensifying the need for more security alerts to avoid disarray of events.

High-security alert areas include Ukkadam, Kotdamedu and Town Hall. Concentrations at temples and bus stands have been alerted. Police officials are rigorously involved in vehicle inspection. The officials have reported this as a cautionary action and part of public security.