SRH observes National Organ Donation Day

Sri Ramakrishna Hospital (SRH) Coimbatore observed National Organ Donation Day to spread awareness among people about the importance of donating organs and to recognize the selfless efforts made by donors & their families to help many people receive a second lease of life.

The families who donated organs at the hospital were honoured at the National Organ Donation Day event held at SRH.

Recipients of liver and kidney transplants (performed by the team at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital) expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the new lease of life given to them via liver and kidney transplantation, and they thanked the donors.

The Donor families also met the members of the Management and our Medical team involved in the performance of the liver transplantation, and kidney transplantation.

Underlining the importance of Organ Donation, Sri Ramakrishna Hospital appealed to the public about the huge need for organ donation and transplantation.

They promised to utilise the donated organs with the highest adherence to ethical principles, and they also committed themselves to work constantly to reduce the cost of organ transplantation, thereby making the procedures reach economically challenged patients.