Two decades of ‘That’s y food’

‘That’s y food’ is about to turn 20 this year and it’s definitely not going to be one day or one weekend, this time they are going to celebrate it for 10 days straight from November 26th to December 4th, 2022.

Live food counters, fashion jewellery shopping, all-day chai ki Tapri, live Pindi choley & Amritsar kulcha, Indian style pita and falafel, live pottery and many more counters are announced to be presented.

“With the team that has supported me throughout, we have always given ourselves the space to create, innovate, thrive and expand our love of food,” says Ranjana Singhal, CO- founder, ThatsyFood.

She also added that in conjunction with their 20th anniversary, we are launching 11 different flavours of  ‘Mud Souffle’, the flavours range from Classic, Ferro Rocher, Orange & Hazlenut, Tropical Coconut, Roasted Coffee, Cheese-cake, Rum and Raisin, Hazlenut Cream, Oats and Rocky, Sugar-free, Jaggery and Eggless Mudsouffle.

She also quoted, ‘We were pioneers in this industry and the first to bring in reservation concept in the city. From not knowing anything to launching 2 more restaurants after this has been an incredible journey. Coimbatore has accepted me as her child and I am part of the city now.