11th AOGIN India National Conference

The 11th National Conference of AOGIN India (Asia Oceania Research Organisation Against Genital Infections and Neoplasia) is being held at Hotel Residency Towers on the 19th & 20th of November.

The conference focuses on women’s health especially on creating awareness in the community about the HPV vaccine that prevents cervical cancer in women. The focus will also be on a screening test that is very effective in detecting even pre-cancer stages of cervical cancer.

The inaugural ceremony of the conference was held on Saturday. Chief Guests Dr.Palanivel ThiagaRajan, Minister for Finance and Human Resources Management and Dr.Nandini Rangaswamy, Chairperson and founder trustee, GRG institutions presided over the event.

Dr.Palanivel ThiagaRajan addressed that the health sector of the Government of Tamil Nadu is succeeding with notable growth in terms of health services. He said, “It is certainly agreeable that we are doing well in the health sector including the primary, secondary and tertiary services. With the blooming medical institutions, medical science is witnessing a tremendous change.”

Carrying further, Dr.Nandini Rangaswamy heightened a few statistical reports on cervical cancer and stated that the need for awareness among women is a necessity. Addressing the complicity and the treatment availability with advanced care is a need.