Axis Mutual Fund announces new fund offer

Axis Mutual Fund announced the launch of their new fund offer – Axis Nifty SDL September 2026 Debt Index Fund. It is an open-ended target maturity index fund investing in constituents of the Nifty SDL Sep 2026 Index; a relatively high-interest rate risk and relatively low credit risk. The new fund will track the Nifty SDL Sep 2026 Index.

The open-ended nature of such a fund means that investors can use systematic investment and withdrawal facilities to tailor entry and exit in the fund to meet investor objectives. Further, these funds do not have lock-ins and hence provide liquidity to investors, should they wish to redeem mid-term without any hassles.

The top features of the fund include:

  • Low-Cost Passive Investment: A hassle-free solution for investors looking for a low-cost fixed-income product
  • No Bias in Security Selection: As the fund is passively managed and invests in the constituents of the Nifty SDL – Sep 2026 Index, there is no bias in security selection
  • Simple and Easy: Target maturity and high-quality SDL portfolio with the benefit of indexation

Commenting on the launch of the NFO, Chandresh Nigam, MD & CEO, Axis AMC said, “We believe that the Axis Nifty SDL September 2026 Debt Index Fund will be a notable add-on to our offerings in the passive debt side. Investors can leverage the benefit of a consistent style (as index represents a defined set of SDLs issued by state governments) and relatively lower risk exposure (as the index fund offers a well-defined mix of sovereign exposure by way of SDLs) in addition to lower expenses and market-linked returns. As a fund house that believes in ‘responsible investing’, we are offering investors the opportunity to invest in quality assets.”