PSG IMS&R conducted 30th Graduation Ceremony

PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research conducted the 30th Graduation Ceremony. As many as 145 M.B.B.S Graduates and Postgraduates received their certificates. 


Guest Dr P Raghu Ram, a Padma Shri awardee, Director & Consultant Surgeon, KIMS Ushalakshmi Center for Breast Diseases, KIMS Hospitals, Hyderabad presided over the event by lighting the lamp and conferred the certificates to the students along with L. Gopalakrishnan, Managing Trustee, PSG & Sons’ Charities, Dr T M SubbaRao, Principal, PSG IMS&R, Dr G Raghuthaman, Professor & HOD, Psychiatry, PSG IMSR&H, Dr S Shanthakumari, Professor & HOD, Pathology and Dr S Vijayabaskaran, Associate Professor, Physiology.


While welcoming the audience of the event, Dr T M SubbaRao, Principal, PSG IMS&R glorified the achievements of the Institution in various aspects. He applauded the efforts of the students and their dedication to delivering the best even during the time of the pandemic. Citing the fact that the graduates were the first NEET batch, he appreciated the students’ endeavours through the competitive exams as well as university exams. 

He remarked, “I must appreciate this batch for their tireless effort in getting through two consecutive university examinations in a short span of just 6 months, which is certainly to be noted.” In addition to this, he took pride in mentioning the fact that PSG is one of the only two medical colleges in Tamil Nadu to have an official batch for NCC.

Followed by this, L. Gopalakrishnan, Managing Trustee, PSG & Sons’ Charities, venerated the establishment of the PSG Charitable Trust and the PSG Sarva Jana Higher Secondary School. He added that PSG has always been zealous in giving back to society and being a bridge between the untouched parts of humanitarian values through their services.

“We have always been dedicated to providing education and health services to masses irrespective of caste or creed,” he added. Committing to academic freedom and excellence, PSG students spread across the globe carrying these values embedded throughout their life. He pointed out that the Indoor Sports Arena and the Academic Extension Block are nearing completion. 

Insights on the distinguished guest:

Over the past 15 years, he has served as a “Living Bridge” between the UK and India replicating the best of British practices in an earnest endeavour to improve the delivery of Breast health care in the Country. He conceived, designed & established KIMS-USHALAKSHMI Centre for Breast Diseases, which is South Asia’s First free-standing comprehensive Breast Health Centre at KIMS Hospitals in Hyderabad.

Spreading the message of Hope, Survival and Courage, he founded Ushalakshmi Breast Cancer Foundation – a ‘not for profit’ Breast Cancer Charity (2007). In 2017, he developed the World’s First breast health mobile phone app (‘ABCs of Breast Health’) in English & 11 commonly spoken Indian languages (2017), making women across India aware of every conceivable aspect of breast disease (both benign & malignant) explained in simple easy to understand format.

During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, he championed the largest charitable initiative ever undertaken in ASI’s history by raising well over Rs 1 crore (GBP 100, 000) from the surgical fraternity and organized the procurement/delivery of the much-needed Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for healthcare professionals across India. At a personal level, in 2015, he adopted a remote village (Ibrahimpur) in the State of Telangana, where he actioned a number of life-transforming initiatives through a generous philanthropic contribution.

The President of India conferred him with Padma Shri (2015), which is one of the highest civilian awards of the land & Dr. B.C Roy National Award (2016), which is the highest recognition that can be achieved by a doctor practising in India. He is the youngest-ever recipient of the International Gold Medal in the 517 years history of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (2013).

While presiding over the guest address, Dr P Raghu Ram, a Padma Shri awardee expressed his astonishment magnifying the humanitarian activities of PSG trust. “The concept of the fifth brother, PSG charitable trust is an inspiring gesture by the founder of PSG and is carrying yeoman service.”

Commenting further on the milestones of the graduates, he highlighted the concepts of trust & ethics, the role of communication in health care, human values and defining success. Indian history greatly equates doctors to Gods specifically in the rural zones. 

Emphasizing the Hippocratic Oath to keep the good of the patient as the highest priority, he recalled his experiences and the message gained in the due journey. The foremost aspect is ‘Trust’ wherein the patients submit their lives in the hands of the doctor, disclosing the most confidential part of their life, which even their closest ones would be unaware of. “In no other profession this level of trust is given to an unfamiliar person hence this ‘TRUST’ is to be valued and we as doctors must have a higher moral code of conduct”, he added.

However great, good, intelligent, skilled and talented or rich person one could be at the end of the day, if one ethically fails towards a general approach to life, then success means nothing at all. This field has little competition to be a good human and significantly to be a good doctor as well. 

Stressing on the phrase ‘Rat Race’, he signified that the art of medical practice is not meant to be competitive. ‘Never stoop down to unethical practice in this noble profession’ is a lifetime reminder. Standing up for principles and serving society must be a real-time goal of every individual in this profession. 

Doctors are the source of happiness as they take away the pain and suffering of others.

Meanwhile, he magnified the contribution of Hyderabad in creating awareness of early detection in October, the only city in the world with the maximum number of buildings to turn pink, including the Rajbhavan.

With this, he significantly addressed the students to treat their patients as a human with feelings and emotions rather than mere subjects. In this connection, communication plays a vital role that most of us fail to do. To be a good listener is a must as it serves as a good diagnostic weapon and maintaining a low profile approach is necessary.

Touching on human values, he pointed out the fact to acknowledge the culture of their natives and carry its heritage anywhere they land in future. “Embrace your mother tongue and teach them to the upcoming generation, as India holds a rich and most ancient form of culture and tradition”. 

“Never forget your Mother…Never forget your Motherland…Never forget the place you were born & raised…Never forget your Mother Tongue. Endorse the efforts of your parents as they were very much available when you needed them the most, and be a pillar of support and happiness to them. After all, it is a matter of the proud smile that you can give to your parents,” he concluded. 

Eventually, the two most important awards of the PSG IMS&R GRG Memorial gold medal for the year 2022 and the G V Memorial Gold Medal for the Best Outgoing graduate were presented to K Poorani and L A Naveena Sri, respectively. 

Article by Anushka Juliet