Keva Clinic inaugurated at RS Puram Coimbatore

Recently, Dr. Jaya Mahesh inaugurated Keva Skin & Hair Clinic, at R.S.Puram. Keva is a uni-sex Skin & Hair Clinic offering Cosmetic and Dermatology Treatments.

Launching the clinic, Dr.Jayamahesh said “Face is the first thing people notice when they meet us, hence we need to keep it fresh and young. Treatments like anti-ageing etc can be of help to achieve smooth skin. Keva offers these services, and I have taken them from them. Coming from someone who has seen the magic of their services, I am very glad to be opening this centre today.”

Founders Suganthi and Devi said that Keva offers all skin and hair services in a hygienic and painless manner. Moreover, these services would be customised according to an individual’s needs.