CEBACA organizes session on the making of ‘PSG Convention Center’

Coimbatore Builders and Contractors Association (CEBACA) organized a special session for the stakeholders of the Construction Industry to hear from the makers of Coimbatore’s iconic ‘The PSG Convention Center’ at the PSG iTech campus. Around 1010 Delegates around Coimbatore including Erode, Tiruppur, Pollachi, Palladam and Udunmalpet largely participated.


This convention centre is the latest offering from the PSG Trust to Coimbatore city. Built-in special and unique way, its Concept, Enormous size of 1500 seating capacity, Aesthetic look, functionality, usage of innovative materials, methodology of construction, excellent interior and exterior, landscaping and many more.


S.G.Swaminathan, President of CEBACA said “This Convention Center of international standards certainly adds great value to Coimbatore. It is a harmonious amalgamation of modern architecture and engineering with visionary execution, and it needs to be explored by all stakeholders of the construction sector in Coimbatore”

Dr.N. Saravanakumar from PSG iTech (Project Lead), Ar.Sangeeth Sharma of SD Sharma & Associates, Chandigarh (Architectural Planning), Dr.L.S.Jayagopal of Mithran Structure, Coimbatore (Structural Design), Ar.Lakshmi Rajasiddharth of Vista Architects & Interior Designers, Coimbatore (Form, Interior & Landscape Design)  came together to elaborate on the nitty-gritty,bottlenecks, constraints and challenges that were faced, and how they were overcome.


A panel headed by the president of CEBACA, S.G.Swaminathan, with secretary SP.Ramanathan, coordinator A.Sridhar and other office bearers were the facilitators of this event.