CBI Raids homes of RJD leaders

On Wednesday, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) raided the homes of two senior leaders of the Rashtriya Janata Dal party (RJD) in connection with the “land-for-jobs” scam.

Various properties are linked to RJD MLC Sunil Singh and the other three MPs Ashfaque Karim, Faiyaz Ahmed and Subodh Roy.

In this connect, Sunil Singh said, “This is being done intentionally. There is no meaning. They are doing it hoping that our MLAs will join them out of fear”.

Subsequently, an RJD spokesperson tweeted last night that CBI carried out the raids because the BJP was furious about losing power in Bihar.

Reportedly, the RJD has questioned the timing of the raids being carried out as the Bihar CM Nitish Kumar faces a trust vote of the Vidhan Sabha. Creating a record of being sworn as the CM for the 8th time, the latter one came up after teaming up with the RJD and Congress.