TNAU observes ‘Parthenium awareness week’

TNAU, AICRP Weed Management Unit, Department of Agronomy, observed the ‘Parthenium awareness week’ was observed between 16th and 22nd August 2022.  The week aims to create awareness amongst the general public, farmers, school and college students and policymakers and planners about the impact of the obnoxious parthenium weed and how to manage this weed.

Reportedly, the weed is responsible for the global illness of humans and animals, causing dermatitis, asthma and bronchitis. Besides causes huge agricultural loss crashing down the biodiversity.

Farmers from different Farmers Producers Organizations located in and around Coimbatore were educated on the ill effects of the week through webinars.

As a part of the “Parthenium Awareness Week 2022”, an awareness meeting was organized at Sri Ranganathar Engineering College, Narasipuram. Wherein Dr.S.Panneerselvam, Professor and Head, Department of Agronomy, Dr.P.Murali Arthanari, Associate Professor (Agronomy) and PI, AICRP on Weed Management, TNAU explained the ill effects of Parthenium and its Management.

The programmes were organized and coordinated by Dr.P.Murali Arthanari, Associate Professor and Principal Investigator; AICRP Weed Management, Dr.C.Bharathi, Assistant Professor (Soil Science).