Research reveals the 1st King to execute the British

Recent research has revealed that the thali palayakkar ethalappa nayak was the first indigenous king to execute the British in the way of liberation.

The research discovered various inscriptions supporting the fact that thali palaiyakkars were seen as valiant like south Eastern palayakars.

Thali village situated 20 kilometres south of Udumalaipet occupies an important place in the history of India.

16 dynasties have ruled thali palayam, the last among them Ethilappa Nayakkar, who resisted the British Empire and is a historical hero. At a distance of one kilometre to the east of this town, a 10-12 feet wire fence has been erected at a place colloquially known as Thukkup puliamaram, in which a stone in the shape of a cross has been planted and an inscription has been cut in front of it on the bed-vasa to the east.

The year 1801 AD is written as Thursday 23rd of April according to the English system and correspondingly as ‘Tumuki’ year according to Tamil system it is 13th day of Chitrai month according to Tamil system and this inscription mentions the day of death of Angrai Gedi. This inscription mentions the Samathi of Angrai Gedi, a Britishman from the city of Tanjore, who attained divinity at the age of twenty-seven.