“Strengthen the grass root for better growth” -Harihara Sudhan, National Joint Coordinator & In-charge Puducherry, IYC

Hari Hara Sudhan of Coimbatore has been appointed as the National Joint Coordinator & In-charge Puducherry for the Indian Youth Congress (IYC) Media Department. Rahul Rao, National In-charge, Media Department, officially acclaimed the nomination of Hari Hara Sudhan’s posting.

Serving the congress party for the past 15 years, Harihara Sudhan has held significant positions in various unions including Student Congress, Indian Youth Congress, INTUC, Congress Seva Dal, Human Rights committee, TN Youth Congress, and Trade Unions as well.

While commenting on the new appointment, Harihara Sudhan said, “This decision was a result of the resolution taken at the Congress Kariya committee (Congress Working Committee CWC) meeting held at Jaipur under the orders of Rahul Gandhi.”

The core purpose of the resolution discussed to deliver significant positions to youngsters below the age of 50, aiming to fill in the existing generation gap within the party. In addition, multiple responsibilities handed to the senior individuals will be minimized, paving way for more youth to participate in the party works.

Being appointed with a significant position, he stated that Congress is the foremost and the oldest party in the country. It is important to strengthen it from its grass root level for a better Nation and Democracy to be established. Under the guidance of Rahul Gandhi, he is said to initiate action plans in bringing more youth towards the party and work for the nation. He added that the party members aren’t divergent rather they converge with the ideal goal of making congress leader Rahul Gandhi the next Prime Minister of India.

He mentioned that the Indian population constitutes 65% of the youth and their contribution to the growth of the country is much significant. In regards to this, he stated that it is essential for the young population, right from their studenthood to be aware of the country’s history and the Gandhian goals which led to the freedom of India. Now that most of the young world is entirely into the social media era, plans to campaign and create awareness among them will soon be scheduled right after the official oath-taking ceremony.

India is a secular country and its ideal motto “Unity in diversity” should be upheld by every individual of the country irrespective of race, caste or religion and Congress holds utmost responsibility for spreading this harmony across the nation.

It has been reported that Rahul Gandhi along with the party works, has scheduled to organize the “Bharat Jodo Yatra” on 02 October 2022, covering 3500 km from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Covering about 148 days, an average of 25 km per day, Rahul is said to take up public interaction and their opinions in the due course. The course of action focuses on binding all the congress members for the forthcoming elections in Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh and Karnataka states.


Story by Anushka Juliet