Ramco Cements collaborates with Indian Concrete Institute

The Ramco Cements Limited announced its collaboration with the Indian Concrete Institute coimbatore center directing a welfare for the construction sector and awareness among business heads on the same. The collaborative team organized a technical interactive session titled ‘Right product for the right application’ on Thursday. As many as 60 representatives from the ICI took part in the event. He stated that Ramco had created a breakthrough in producing products with high strength and low heat radiation.

Suresh, Vice president, ICI, said, “Our core purpose is solution oriented product and techniques. We aim to create a change of workmanship in the construction industry through various awareness programs with dealers, industrialists and students as well.” He added that through their 172 student chapters across the country various initiatives have been taken. As part of the initiatives the team carried out virtual webinars during the pandemic as well. These aim in creating a practical oriented knowledge for the upcoming generation and lead them to carry the shared knowledge in an effective manner. Major part of it aims at social progress.

Anil Kumar Pillai, senior General Manager, Technical services, Ramco Cement Ltd. briefed on the purpose of the collaboration and the need for the utmost awareness among people regarding the prompt usage of the right product in the construction industry.

He said that being one of the leading Cement manufacturers, Ramco has established its own Research center to evaluate the customer need based on the purpose of use. With an upgraded research evaluation the company has succeeded in providing 12 varieties of Cements in the market.

While commenting on the collaboration, Sudhahar, Chairman of Coimbatore chapter, Indian Concrete Institute, said, “The Indian construction sector still lacks awareness regarding the variety usage of Cements based on the purpose. We aim to evaluate the demographic needs including the chemical availability of the regions to develop the right quality product for the customers. Our tie up with Ramco will pave way for a wider range of awareness among people as well as industrialists.

Ramco Research Centre is the first of its kind in South India whereas the northern regions have few such research centers working with the ideal aim of fulfilling the quality purpose. It stands 4th on the national ranking and the leading company in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.