Sri Ramakrishna Hospital performs rare surgery

Sri Ramakrishna Hospital successfully performed Coimbatore’s rare tumour surgery on a 2-month-old baby.
The baby weighs about 4 kilograms and was informed of a severe breathing problem. Eventually, the evaluation of the root cause revealed a mass lesion in the right atrium with excess pericardial effusion.
Informed of an emergency procedure, a team led by Dr Deva Prasath aspirated the fluid out through the needle aspiration technique. Recurrent echocardiograms were taken, resulting in the confirmation of tumour growth in the right atrium.
Open heart surgery was performed in order to avoid fatality and to remove the tumour from the baby. In due course, the tumour was discovered to have occupied ¾ space of the right atrium.
After the successful surgery, the baby’s postoperative report confirmed complete excision of the tumour. The pathological analysis of the tumour revealed it to be Capillary Hemangioma occurring in about 0.2% of the general population.
The open heart surgery was headed by the expert pediatric cardiac surgeon Dr Vijay Sadhashivam and anaesthesiologist Dr Narendramenon. The baby’s surgery was performed with financial assistance from Aishwarya Trust, Chennai and the Coimbatore Rotary club of Saicity.