TNAU offers new self-employment programme

The Directorate of Open and Distance Learning, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) is re-launching the certificate course for Urban Dwellers after 10 years. The new launch includes Landscape and Ornamental Gardening, Nursery technologies, Roof and Kitchen Garden and Solid Waste Management.

This course mainly focuses on the Urban Dwellers who aspire for distance learning and are interested in starting a self-employment programme in limited land areas of urban cities with efficient usage of the land, transportation, infrastructure, public spaces, sanitation, air and water quality. Diploma in Agri Inputs courses is designed as per the needs of the dealers.

The existing Open and Distance Learning courses offer Agricultural-based certificate courses, Diploma in Agri Inputs and Diploma courses in Agriculture and Horticulture to school dropouts, farming community, self-help groups and other unemployed youth to empower them for self-employment and entrepreneurship.

Since, 2005, TNAU has ventured 44 agricultural-based certificate courses offering Coconut Cultivation Technology, Mushroom Production, Medicinal plants, Bakery and Confectionary products, Sericulture, Sugarcane Production Technology, Nursery Technology and propagation of horticultural crops, Waste recycling and vermicomposting. Organic Farming, Bee Keeping, Landscaping and Ornamental Gardening have gained more importance among the learners and the courses are being offered at various centres of TNAU regularly.

Initiated in 2016, it gained momentum with the launch of 12 new diploma courses in 2021. The contact classes will be conducted only on Saturdays and Sundays for the benefit of the candidates at TNAU Main campus and all sub-campuses, KVKs and Research Stations of TNAU.