Megalithic discovery reveals the Sangam dominance

Many traces including the megalithic artefacts of the pre-historical culture of the Sangam people have been discovered in the border areas of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

The archaeological researchers involving S. Ravi, Head of the Department of Tamil, Tamil Nadu Central University, P. Ramamurthy Salaiyur Panchayat Head, P.S. Karthi, Manikandan working on kausika river wade system were part of the research.

Solaiyur panchayat president P.Ramamurthy handed more than 5 complete megalithic artefacts collected at watalukki for our study.

The study discovered that the obtained traces reflected the existence of the Kongu Culture Civilization, alongside the usage of the black-red ware of the Dravidian culture.

The obtained historical evidence notify the dominance of Tamil Nadu culture entirely in South India during the Sangam age. The survey teams across the Anaikatti, vattulukki, and Mattathukkadu Solaiyur areas document that the obtained materials age back to two thousand years. All of these were discovered under the field surfaces wherein stones were placed in circles in the memory of the dead and old mats.

A few of these discovered elements include the kongu technology known as the Coimbatore sea wave series, made of polished lines with coloured counting.