Red Sea brine pool kills survival

Recent research discovered a deadly lethal pool underneath the Red Sea, killing any species in it. Scientists from the University of Miami came across this brine pool about 1.7 kilometres below the sea using a remote vehicle.

High concentrated salt water combined with other elements much saltier than the surrounding caused the formation. These factors lead to the deadly nature of the underwater pool killing animals.

According to sources, lead researcher Sam Purkis described the deadly pools as “among the most extreme environments on Earth” and said, “Any animal that strays into the brine is immediately stunned or killed.”

Additionally, the scientist stated that these discoveries lead to a better understanding of the origin of oceans on Earth. These discoveries facilitate further studies on the presence of hostile planets with similar traits or the survival of alien species.

According to the New York Post, oceanographers have previously discovered such saline pools in the Mediterranean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico.