TNAU Golden Jubilee sports meet

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University(TNAU) conducted the 111th Annual Sports meet 2022 on Monday. The guest of honour Dr K Periaiah, (Rtd) Inspector General of Police also an alumnus of the University and Dr V Geethalakshmi, Vice-Chancellor, TNAU declared the meet open. Around 1200 students and 25 faculties participated in this programme.

Geethalaskmi, Vice-Chancellor, TNAU presented the presidential address magnifying the achievements of Dr K Periaiah, (Rtd) Inspector General of Police and insisted the students on the importance of sports.

While addressing the audience, Dr Periaiah glorified various aspects of Indian agricultural progress, culture, economic standards and its global destination. mainly the importance of agricultural development and its contribution to the future generation for survival.

He said, “Democracy, demography and demand is significantly bound with the education for life i.e. experience-based learning reflects a progressive approach.”

While throwing light on the agricultural development demands he said that by 2050, the grain demand would raise up to 550 million tons against the population. The production rate will be lesser compared to the global demand. Hence the TNAU faculties dedicatedly strive towards attaining solution regarding the same and their contribution to such global issues relating to agriculture has been noteworthy

He then emphasized the importance of extracurricular activities as part of every individual’s routine. Alongside, He stated that education is their prime focus and encouraged students on the same.

Meanwhile, he recollected a few of his sports achievements as a student and his simultaneous achievement in academics. He said that one must have a balance on both ends.

He said, “Have a vision, passion, commitment and involvement which leads to success at all cost.”