Social-media giants to testify before the US Senate ahead of  elections.

           Chief executives from Facebook, Twitter and Google were ordered by the US Senate to appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee on September 5 to brief the panel about their efforts to prevent Russia and other foreign nations from intruding in the upcoming November 2018 US Elections. CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey and COO of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg are expected to make their way to Washington DC. All the 435 seats in the US’s House of Representatives will be contested making this election a massive one in Donald Trump’s regime. Internet researchers have warned the government that Russia still has clandestine online surveillance over the US through social media and could easily manipulate the election with the help of SNS. Amidst all this tension, yesterday, Trump ordered the Attorney General of US to stop investigation of Special Counsel and former FBI Director, Robert Mueller about Russia’s involvement in the 2016 US Presidential Elections. It must be taken into account that Trump put Russian President Vlamdimir Putin high on last month’s Helsinki Summit and ignored the reports of the CIA, NSA and FBI.