Indigenous Heart Tissue Stabilizer to be unveiled at PSG’s Intl.Conference

A cost-effective solution from PSG

PSG Hospital has indigenously made a very essential medical device needed while performing Beating-Heart Surgery, a Heart Tissue Stabilizer.

Dr.P.R.Murugesan, Head of Cardiothoracic Department at PSG Hospitals shared that surgeons use this device to immobilize the area of the heart where they need to work when they operate. Since it is not made in India, this device is predominantly imported, and it usually costs around Rs.70,000- Rs.80,000.


PSG Medical Devices, PSG Institute of Advanced Studies and the Biomedical Engineering Team from PSG iTech and PSG College of Technology jointly undertook a project to make a cost-efficient Heart Tissue Stabilizer called PSG-i Optima.

Made using a reverse engineering process, this equipment comes with flexibility and better stability, strength and reliability than most existing products.

Dr.Murugesan added that at the 3rd edition of PSG Hospitals’ RICS, short for Research and Innovation in Cardio Vascular Sciences Summit (an International hybrid conference) that is scheduled to take place on Saturday, this device will be unveiled. He shared that it is in pre-clinical process and close to 100 patients have been benefitted by it.

He shared that if India relies on foreign medical devices, sometimes it may keep the patient waited for long. Keeping in line with Make in India concept, this device from PSG has been made under Make in PSG – Vision 2022.  Along with this, the hospital will also unveil PSG- i VentMax, an High End ICU Ventilator.

G.R.Karthikeyan, Chairman, Board of Trustees, PSG & Sons’ Charities will launch PSG I Optima.

RICS conference aims to bring together some of the best research and innovation related to heart treatment. Close to 150 Medical device manufacturers and cardiologists will take part in this conference and share about the researches and innovations they have done, and the ones that are needed.

Dr.Subbarao, Principal, PSG IMSR will welcome the gathering. L.Gopalakrishnan, Managing Trustee, PSG Institutions will deliver the Presidential Address, Dr.Muralidharan, Prof.Emeritus, Past President, IACT, GKNMH will be the Guest of Honor.

Dr.Sudha Ramalingam, Director, Research and Innovation, PSG IMSR will share the institutional perspective of R&D.