Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam face made by Disposable paper cups

The Camford International School, students  made the much adored face of Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam by using colorful disposable cups today (20.4.17). Its looked like colorful mosaic. The cups were arranged on a 981.4 sq mtr (10650sq.feet) area to depict the face of the missile man. The effort was also a Guinness World Record attempt to break the existing record of the World’s Largest Disposable Cup Mosaic that was created in Lucknow, India, April 2016.

the student participants of Camford used 2,35000 paper cups on a 981.4 sq mtr area to create the mosaic in 4 hrs. 1 surveyor, 2 witnesses and 4 stewards, appointed by the school as per Guinness guidelines, were present to witness and record the event. Arul Ramesh, School Chairman, School Principal and teachers were present and cheer the students.