Break shackles from Hearing aids

A young IT Professional’s dream came crashing when she realized how vague her ears were to the sound resonation. Champa Dey (name changed) lost complete hearing of one of her ears with the other one almost on the verge of, yet nothing defied the 33 year old.

She landed at Vikram ENT Hospital in September last year at Coimbatore where using laser Stapedotomy hearing can be regained just like the way one is born with. She did undergo a surgery in Kolkata but 15 years down the lane lost it completely.

Speaking on the occasion, Champa said, “During the surgery I was able to hear slowly and later on more clearly. Finally when the doctors removed the cotton, I could hear everything which I couldn’t hear before.

Dr. Anjana Visvanathan said, “The recovery of Champa shows that we all can regain loss of hearing. The normal Stapedotomy doesn’t guarantee hearing.  The laser surgery is one time procedure which can help overcome hearing loss for anyone aged between 9-90 years.

Costs for the surgery starts from Rs/-15,000  and the hospital provided free treatment to the needy.