Left over change from Wankhede reaches temple

India has tightened screws when talked about Security at cricketing venues in India in light of hooliganism witnessed in the past and present at Eden grounds and Barabati Stadium among others. Fans have often resorted to bottle throwing and other objects into the playing area while a match is in progress. These activities have forced organizers at the venue to ban spectators from carrying along certain items when entering the ground, which includes coins too.

A report in mid- day tells the story of the leftover change by the spectators. It states, how authorities at the Mumbai Cricket Association donate the money collected at the gates of the Wankhede Stadium to a nearby temple.

Apart from coins, objects like power banks, headphones, bags, pens and likewise have been prohibited from being carried while entering the stands. Bottles, which have been used by many an irate fan in the subcontinent in the past have been banned from sale and spectators are instead served water in disposable cups.