The Innovation that impressed Anand Mahindra!

Meet the company that is accelerating the lives of Differently-abled

Mr.Anand Mahindra is one of the few optimistic business magnates who often take a quick break to look at innovations and novel ideas (from places that not many would look for) and if impressed, encourages and shares about it with the world.

The Chairman of the Mahindra Group recently shared a picture of a unique wheelchair to his massive 8.5 million followers on Twitter that could connect with a propulsion system and instantly become a two-wheeler, granting the users hassle-free access to independent mobility.

Anand stated in his tweet that he had received this via the messaging platform Signal, and wanted to know more about this invention for the differently-abled. He even said he will be very happy to provide support to this project.

The innovation was later identified as a product of a company from Tamil Nadu called Neomotion, a company that is dedicated to providing greater mobility to those with disabilities. It is based in Chennai and its entrepreneurs are IIT Graduates. Their company had its genesis at IITM Incubation Cell, IIT Madras Research Park, Chennai. After seeing Anand’s encouraging words, Neomotion reached out to him and introduced themselves.

We looked into the company’s products. There were three products, and the one product that caught Anand’s attention was named ‘Neobolt’.

Neomation said that the differently-abled individuals can move anywhere they want independently with the help of their Neobolt, whether it is about going to school or college, work or to the market, hanging out with friends or visiting family.

“You can strap on NeoBolt in a jiffy like starting a Motorbike / Scooter yourself. And in an instant, you are ready to go out without any help from anyone.”

“You can climb a steep hill with its gradient supported mobility or drive through the potholed streets. And do this comfortably as it has suspensions that will absorb the shocks.”

“NeoBolt is designed with a sideways anti-tipper and speed regulator so you can drive without any fear and at the pace you like. Apart from enjoying all the frills of a mobike from a digital dashboard, drum brakes to sidelights for higher visibility on road. Importantly comes with an anti-theft buzzer, so you stay safe always. It is powered by a Lithium Ion Battery that will give you 30 Kms for every charge and recharges fully in just 4 hours. This also makes NeoBolt an affordable transportation mode,” the company said in their website.

Neomotion has a large customer presence in India; from J&K to Kanya Kumari. The start-up company offers 1 year warranty, 365 days of customer support, after-sales service and easy spare parts availability.

It is incredible to know that incubation centres in higher educational institutions are being the cradle of much-needed innovations.

Anand Mahindra’s Tweets have changed some people’s entire life. He was the one who brought everyone’s attention in 2019 towards the laudable work of an 82-year old cook in Coimbatore named Kamalathal also known far and wide as ‘Idly Patti’. Following Anand’s tweet, everyone started marching towards her place, offering help. Kamalathal who was using a wood-burning stove received an LPG Connection from Bharat Gas Coimbatore later, and Mahindra’s representatives found her that she needed a new house and a cooking space, hence they registered land to help her start her business and work, anew. Anand Mahindra did not just stop there but he continued his support in 2021 April by directing Mahindra Lifespaces- The real estate and infrastructure development arm of Mahindra Group to quickly start the construction work.

Anand is the kind of entrepreneurs India needs more to make it become what Dr.Kalam wanted it to be! Salute to Mahindra.